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Ice-breaking, Group-building & Communication
through visual arts related activities  


Materials needed

Old photos or postcards

2 wsh 3.jpg

Create a collection of photos. You can also use postcards, book illustrations or images cut off from magazines.

It is also a good way to up-cycle old family photo albums that otherwise would be thrown away.


All those leaflets, postcards, photos, brochures that you‘ve accumulated for years and your were unable to throw away can find a new mission and be up-cycled if you share them with your workshop's participants so that they can present themselves through choosing one of them. It can be also a way to introduce a specific topic through images.


  1. Warming up

  2. Connecting to each other and getting to know each other

  3. Improving  skills in storytelling

Time frame

20 to 30 minutes depending on the number of participants

Tell participants to select one or more of them.

They shall choose according to a feeling, a detail or a color they can identify themselves with.

It can also be a concrete topic such as: "I am like the house on the picture." 


Through this activity you can also get familiar with a collection of visual supports that you may use in the  creative phase.

You can also use this activity to conclude a creative activity where the participants discover each-other's creations or photos they have taken.

2 wsh 4.JPG

The pictures that you use, doesn’t have to be necessarily figurative ones. Instead of photos, you can also show them details of abstract artworks.

You may use ornaments and geometric patterns as well for this exercise, especially if you want to explore any of RE-STOR-E’s discovery or creative activities based on ornaments.

You can add captures to the pictures which can help to enrich your participants’ vocabulary in expressions related to visual arts. 



You can download our book or ornaments with captures in English, French and Arabic or  you  can create your own with captures in other languages.

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