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Contemporary Creation and Traditional Arts for Social exchange in a non governmental organisation and association based in Paris. Our members have been engaged in a wide range of cultural, educational and associative activities for much longer within different legal frames as liberal professionals and as certified micro business owners since 2014.

COTA’s main objective is the use of visual arts as means of communication in addition to linguistic and cultural education in order to raise awareness about current social problems, to fight exclusion and ethnic or religious prejudgment through trainings, public events and publications and by ensuring an intercultural dialogue.



The Comparative Research Network was founded in 2007 and worked since then in the field of adult education and research. The CRN Network is specialised in training activities within the fields of intercultural competences, intergenerational learning, mobilities and migration. Additionally, the CRN is specialised in creating and performing evaluation and dissemination processes. The Comparative Research Network is based in Berlin and since 2007 active in Horizon2020, Erasmus+, REC, national and local programs.


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Artemisszió was founded in 1998 as a charitable foundation based in Budapest, Hungary. We believe in an open, tolerant society, where disadvantaged people are given opportunities and interculturality is valued. We work towards these goals in our home country and abroad as well. We believe that in this current globalised world, the understanding of deeply varied societies is a necessary skill. This is the way forward.
Our group has extended its work into two specialized directions:
* Mira: the intercultural community of Artemisszio Foundation
* Artemisszió Kompetencia Központ (Competency Center): focusing on self-discovery and skill development training.



Il Salone dei Rifiutati is a Social Cooperative founded in 2016, already active since 2008 as a self-managed creative atelier.

Il Salone dei Rifiutati is a craft and creative workshop where initiatives and productions are carried out starting from the re-evaluation of the rejected objects and then become opportunities for work, meeting and sharing innovative experiences.

The cooperative works in agreement with local companies that confer production waste, then converted by the operators as material for educational activities, exhibitions, workshops and training courses in synergy with artists, creatives, public and private realities, building an important opportunity to create courses for teachers of all schools and for social and cultural operators.

Il Salone dei Rifiutati realizes museum installations, interactive set-ups and activates paths of artistic residence and participatory art operations, the result of comparisons and collective reflections involving citizens of all ages.

The cooperative manages the MOON –  Museum of Narrative Objects in Potenza.


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