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Creative Phase Activities
Techniques & Tutorials



1. Improve craft and digital skills
2. Building self-awareness by linking images of past and future


Time frame

Between 60 to 90 minutes  

Material needed

- a collection of images: old photos or postcards
- large paper sheets

- transfer paper
- pencils.

- erasers
- tape or drawing pin to fix the drawings on the wall
- smartphones


Using digital creative and visual tools in a complementary way can help not only to visualise what we have in mind about our past and future but we can also reflect on how we stock them in our imagination. For instance, by creating blurred, pixelated or unstable images in movement.

....or create your own photo collection through one of the discovery phase activities  proposed by RE-STOR-E.


2 wsh 3.jpg

For this  activity, you will need a collection of images.  You can up-cycle old photos or postcards. You can even ask your participants to collect some at home  or elsewhere.

2 wsh 2.JPG



Everyone cuts a one-meter copy paper and chooses one pencil. 

Instructions: “We make two cityscapes on one paper. The first is the cityscape from your childhood, from your past. Next to it, with a bit of space the other is the cityscape from my present. Choose from the collection some photos where you see your past or your present. Persons, forms, buildings, lines, details.

Copy this detail on the paper from photo. It is not problem, if you can’t see all details, because this is like remembering. Realistic or abstract? This is your choice!

On your transfer paper, you can copy elements from different photos to recompose a new one that you can also complete with new elements. 

The second phase is to create a digital photo, it two ways. Instructions:

“Take a panoramic photo with your mobile. First will be a normal photo. 

The second photo will be an experimental one. At the first case the mobile is moving very slowly horizontally. At the second the mobile is moving very slowly horizontally and sometimes vertically. You can move the mobile as you want, explore, connect parts of the picture your way. This will be a “wrong picture”. There will be blurs, the forms crash and there will be black parts. It is like a mechanism of remembering.”

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