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COTA Art For Society's local multiplier event on the 3rd of October in Les Amarres in Paris.

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Thank you all for having participated to COTA ONG's event and to our experience of this co-creative exercise which consisted of writing a word on the board that came to your mind while resolving Re-stor-e's map puzzle depicting a flexible OrnaMental map of cities and countries which are in a way or another linked to Re-stor-e's adventure. RE-STOR-E is exploring the shift from individual to collective and vice versa from collective to individual perception through different creative exercises and, thanks to you, we could explore a new creative path with this "accidental video poem" in which we used all the words that you wrote on the board.

Through his little video, you can also have an insight to other RE-STOR-E activities the video was inspired by such as the technique of stop-motion, video making and the found poetry method to tell stories visually. You can explore them on the RE-STOR-E website, just like the ice-breaking activity that you participated to during the event inspired by the "So far so close" exercise.

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