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Digital Tools & Creations



1. Improve digital skills
2. Improve storytelling skills
3. Co-creation, work in group
4. Improve visual skills
5. Practicing self-expression through visual and digital tools

Time frame

Between 40 and 90 minutes

Material needed

- Smartphones
- Photos, images or objects previously collected or created


If you created something, a drawing, a collage, a map, a postcard of whatever it may be, the adventure doesn‘t have to stop there. You can rediscover in a different way that you made, give it new meanings or create a whole universe by making your camera “walk” in it ans by adding some narrative elements to it. Also, you will nice visual story to share.

The exercise consists of creating a short movie based on nearly any kind of visual support or creation such as photos, an OrnaMental map as we did in our Budapest workshop, etc.

To introduce the exercise, you can share first some good tips for quality photos and videos available on RE-STOR-E website here.



With this technique, by using your camera as if you were walking within the picture, you can explore images, especially if  they contain many small details.

If the image is rather small, you can combine this technique with the use of the macro mode of your camera as you would do it in the Exploring Materials activity.

Ask the participants do work in small groups of 3-4 people on stories using their photos or creations. Give them 25 minutes to co-write their story.



They are free to create scenarios where the images serve as scenes by exploring the object‘s details such as in this small video made by the participants of the Budapest workshop.

You can also use an image an object or a photo as the principal element of your story, as an accessory and you can construct your scenarios around it.



You can let the choice to the groups to work on different genres such a documentary movie....

... as a tale accompanied by audio narration...



... or a fiction movie in which each of them can play roles.

Tell them to try not to exceed one minutes so that their can easily share their videos on social media.




If the participants are opened to it, you can push this digital experience even further by editing your videos with the help of a freely available editing application such as YouCut, easy to use:








To conclude the activity, organise a debriefing session, stream the videos and ask participants about the challenges, difficulties encountered during the exercise.


Youcut logo.png

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Video storytelling as most of the digital tools and activities are adapted to any of the suggested discovery and creative activities.

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