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Ice-breaking, Group-building& Communication
through visual arts related activities  


People keep hundreds of photo in their smartphones than can tell important things them. But how to ask them to share any of those without forcing them to share intimate details that they may not want to share ? If you choose a little bit poetic and complex title, they can interpret it in the way they want to and choose the information that they are ready so share about themselves.


This activity is inspired from the film "Faraway, so close" by the German director Wim Wenders. 

In order to introduce it to your participants, you can share the basic idea of the movie, as follows: 


"In the movie, angels desire to become humans in order to be able to feel and experiment materiality through senses. So, they decide to jump from the sky onto the Earth."


  1. Warming up

  2. Connecting people and getting to know each other

  3. Improving storytelling skills

Time frame

Between 20 and 30 minutes depending on the number of participants

Material needed

Smart  phones

Ask participants to select a photo from their smartphone gallery that could illustrate the meaning of the expression "so far, so close".

If you have more time, you can also ask them to select three photos: one that could represent the idea or the feeling of "so close", one that illustrate the "so far" concept and one that could depict both at the same time.

In order to give time to explore the photos galleries and do the selection, you can play the song written for the movie by U2 ("Stay" - Zooropa, 1993). The time of exploration will be up when the song will end.


Then, one by one, participants show their photo, describe it and tell how it illustrate the idea of "so far, so close".

Of course, you can also choose another complex title of  the same kind as we did once in Paris at the occasion of our multiplier event. The song we have chosen was a French song about the difficulties of a man to feel at home in France after having fled the dictatorship of Pinochet, entitled "El dulce  de  leche":

To provide a more complex experience, we also made the participants taste the dulce de leche - or milk jam in English - while they were selecting their photos and listening to the song.

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